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Does the Sharing economy create radical new opportunities. Airbnb, Sharing assets like property and cars are just the tip of the icebery and the range of related services from validating users/suppliers to related services are going to open a wealth of opportunity and change the way we transact.

These Videos from Rachel Botsman are a superb primer on the who topic of the sharing and collaborative economy and the importance of trust. I trust they will wet your appetite on the subject and explore what opportunities it might mean to you both as an individual or

Companies have often used shared resource centres (remember computer timeshare) but the internet, marketplaces, sharing and the mobile is changing it all

The big challenge is what it means to individuals and entrepreneurs.

As an individual you may have a asset that is underused and you can agree through “the mobile” to share your house, car or other resource to use that resource when you don’t need it.

For the entrepreneur, it creates the opportunity to bring together the individual who has the available underutilised resource with the person who wishes or needs to use it.

Fundamental to this is the trust and your reputation.



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